Our People

Nazanin Ardalan

Nazanin Ardalan is a Pavement Design Engineer at Bartley Consultants with 5 years of research experience in "Engineering, Environmental and Economic Analysis of the Application of Recycled Aggregates in NZ’s Road Construction". Nazanin has knowledge of the Austroads pavement design procedures, NZTA pavement material specifications and Environmental Assessment guidelines. Since joining Bartley Consultants, Nazanin has been involved in pavement rehabilitation design of Northland Highways within NZTA Network Outcome Contracts (NOCs).

She is also a member of the working committee of NZTA Resource Efficiency & Energy Group to improve the understanding of the environmental impacts of the transport sector infrastructure life cycle and provide the evidence base to support policies and initiatives which reduce these impacts.

Nazanin also has a professional engineering background as a Traffic Engineer in several projects involving traffic simulation, road safety and pedestrian studies. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and a Master of Engineering (Transportation) degree and is currently undertaking her PhD at the University of Auckland, focusing on the application of recycled crushed concrete as an alternative for natural aggregates in pavement’s base layer.