Takanini Road Widening & Pavement Rehabilitation

Widening sealed road pavements to incorporate gobi block paving areas.

Bartley Consultants Ltd were commissioned by the former Papakura District Council in 2006 to inspect a number of roads in the Takanini area where Gobi blocks have been used to provide parking adjacent to the main carriageway. The Gobi blocks were laid adjacent to the sealed pavement in selected streets in the Takanini area some 20 to 30 years ago. They were provided so that water flowing from the sealed road surface could flow into or over the Gobi block paving. Surplus water could then flow on to the grass verge which was shaped to provide a shallow swale discharging to centrally placed catchpits.

Over time the condition of the gobi block paving and adjacent grass verge areas had deteriorated to a point where the road side was unsightly, significant surface water ponding was occurring and the gobi block paving had become almost impermeable.

Bartley Consultants were tasked with widening the sealed road pavements, to incorporate the gobi block paving areas. In addition to designing the widening of the road pavements to cater for the traffic and parking demands, the roads were strengthened and drainage measures installed to ensure that the ground water levels continued to be recharged even with the increase in impervious area. The improvement generally extended from boundary to boundary and included the upgrade of pedestrian facilities.

This work was progressively implemented in Manuroa Road, Station Road, Princes Street, Le Havre Place and Takanini School Road between 2009 and 2012.