Transmission Gully

Wellington Northern Corridor ‘Roads of National Significance’

This projects involves the construction of 27km of four-lane (two in each direction) median-divided motorway from MacKays to Linden (through Transmission Gully), with interchanges connecting the route to MacKays, SH58, eastern Porirua and Kenepuru.

The motorway is a key part of the Wellington Northern Corridor ‘Roads of National Significance’ and will be an important connector for freight travelling between Wellington’s ports and the lower and central North Island. It is designed to provide a critical and resilient lifeline to Wellington in the event of an earthquake or other major disruption. Importantly, it is a catalyst for local economic development.

Transmission Gully is the first roading project in New Zealand to be procured through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. Under the PPP model, the NZ Transport Agency has set performance targets for Wellington Gateway Partnership (WGP) on elements such as seismic resilience, incident response, and trip time reliability.

Major construction work is scheduled to begin during the Spring/Summer of 2015. The motorway, which is programmed to open in 2020, will be operated and maintained by the WGP during its first quarter century of use. There is a 25 year operations and maintenance (O&M) phase; ensuring whole of life benefits and value for money. The management of the O&M phase will focus on maximising road user safety.

Bartley Consultants are part of the AECOM lead design team for the Leighton/HEB JV who will construct this project. Bartley Consultants have been responsible for the pavement design and specifying the construction requirements for all road pavements and surfacing.